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We use artificial intelligence

to improve business opportunities for publishers and bookstores

Literacka provides artificial intelligence tools and solutions for publishers to develop new business opportunities and improve customer service and streamline the publishing process. Our team consists of data science, machine learning and book market specialists. We analyze long texts of content in Polish, we work on large data sets. Our vision is to build a global support system for the publishing process.


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Literacka Technologie is a leader in the field of long text analysis
by artificial intelligence algorithms.

In our work, AI is everyday life,
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  • I am very glad that companies such as Literacka Technologie are being established in Poland. There can be many uses of artificial intelligence in text analysis – I believe that this is the beginning of a real revolution on the book market. There are already artificial intelligence-based tools in the world that serve both publishers and authors. For now, the Polish language remains outside the mainstream of international research in this field. That is why I am glad that there are companies such as Literacka Technologie that create specialized algorithms specifically for the Polish language. We have worked with Literacka both in the field of content analysis by AI, the results of which can be seen in the book “Conversations about the book market” and in the organization of cyclical industry events

    Ewa Tenderenda-Ożóg
    Prezeska, Biblioteka Analiz
  • The Literacka team consists of enthusiasts of new technologies in love with literature – experts in the book market, experienced publishers and booksellers, linguists and literary scholars as well as data science and machine learning specialists. Firma Literacka Technologie is an expert in its field, so we are glad that it joined the group of members of the Polish Chamber of Books. We had the opportunity to cooperate in the organization of more than one industry event. We closely follow the development and progress of projects carried out by Literacka.

    Dr Grażyna Szarszewska
    Dyrektor generalna, Polska Izba Książki
  • Literacka Technologie is a precursor on the Polish book market in the field of using artificial intelligence for librarians, publishers, booksellers, authors and, above all, readers. As the Book Institute, we had the opportunity to cooperate in the implementation of one of the company’s research and development projects supported by the NCBR. Together with the moderators of Book Discussion Clubs, we fed our knowledge into databases on which experiments and research were then carried out.

    Dariusz Kawa
    Kierownik Działu Krajowego, Instytut Książki
  • The UKSW publishing house has been cooperating with the Literacka Technologie company since 2017. In the research project, we verified the features of books assigned to individual titles by artificial intelligence algorithms. Currently, UKSW uses the BookScout system, thanks to which publishing offers do not have to be sent by e-mail, but in an application equipped with AI. The system analyzes the content and notifies us when we receive a manuscript suited to what we are publishing. All the necessary information about the author and the submitted manuscript are arranged and allow for a quick publishing decision.

    Dr. Elżbieta Sobczak
    Dyrektor Wydawnictwa Naukowego Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego