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Empik Kultura

We invite you to read the article about our project and the competition for readers, which started on 03/18/2019 and will last until 03/31/2019! Attractive...
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Our invitation to present the results of the research and development project to date and the ceremonial announcement of the title of the first Polish...
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An article on the development of the project and the possibilities of the Automatic Reviewer has been published in the latest issue (03/2019) of the...
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The automated book recommendation system created by the Polish start-up will help readers choose the most interesting novel. The machine learning-based solution selects the reading...
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Olsztyn 24

The Olsztyn24 portal noted that Spółka Literacka was awarded a distinction in the Service category in the Eagles of Innovation competition. Link to the article...
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Library of Analyzes 21/2019

In the latest issue of the trade magazine Biblioteka Analiz (No. 21/2019) there is a report on the 23. At the International Book Fair in...
Czytaj dalej, an industry portal, informs about the award of Literacka in the Eagles of Innovation competition. Link HERE
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A new day is getting | 17/01/20202

We recently visited TVP3 Olsztyn and in the morning we talked about our system. A new day is getting up in the studio. Urszula Witkowska...
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Cultural information | January 12, 2020

Artificial intelligence is entering new areas, including the world of literature. He can write books, but he can also read them – not to overwhelm...
Czytaj dalej | March 5, 2020

You can read about the BLEF literary competition, in which the jury is … our Fiona , on the website Article available: HERE
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