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For publishing houses

Artificial Intelligence for the publishing market is an application that helps publishers and literary agents identify the most promising manuscripts as future bestsellers.

Artificial intelligence algorithms analyze both works sent to a publishing house or agency, as well as those that it finds on the Internet or receives it directly from the authors. sends an email alert as soon as it finds a manuscript that matches the publisher’s target audience and publishing profile. (publishing assistant) is a Polish application designed to meet the challenges of the publishing industry. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms in the analysis of the content of books and big data in order to adjust the publishing proposal to the publisher’s profile and to estimate the market potential of the publication. saves publishers ‘time browsing through authors’ emails or searching for new titles to release. Thanks to , texts can be received, viewed and evaluated individually or in a team from anywhere in the world. allows you to check in an instant:

  • Which manuscripts best fit your publishing profile and can even create collections with other books from your catalog,
  • what is the market potential of each manuscript
    – sales revenue estimation, assessment of adjustment to market trends, comparison with the offer of other publishers,
  • what group of recipients (demographic profile) will most appreciate the work,
  • what is the subject matter and what is the intensity of individual threads in its content,
  • automatic matching to literary categories,
  • tags, keywords – more effective marketing,
  • what emotions it evokes in the reader,
  • what are the features of the style and language in which it is written,
  • and even how laborious it will be to edit it.

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