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Artificial intelligence in the service of the book

We combine the idea and need with AI capabilities

We are part of the scientific consortium implementing the Clarin project – Common Language Resources and Technological Infrastructure .

Virtual Bookseller – recommendation system

In online bookstores and library systems, we implement the first recommendation system on the market that recommends books based on a full-text analysis of the content and user expectations.

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Natural language processing

We use advanced machine learning techniques to enable automatic drawing of knowledge from text. Our software can detect emotions contained in the content, extract information in many categories, incl. names of brands, products, characters and relationships between them, professions, places of action; sorts, arranges and extracts documents based on their semantic similarity.

Time series analysis / data analysis

We can help your institution extract patterns of key information and predict future benefits based on past observations and data. We offer automatic database matching (multiple editions – one book).

Publishing assistant

We have created content analysis software that uses AI algorithms to automate the publishing process and predict the success of market publications. The publishing assistant enables automatic classification of texts, entering metadata, recognizing literary categories, generating book profiles, finding similar books, matching the text to literary series and the publishing house’s offer, estimating the sales potential of a book. We provide assistance in the initial selection of publishing proposals.

For authors

By analyzing your texts, you will receive valuable information before publishing. The software will find similar books, show publishers to which your text fits, define literary categories. We will send your offer to publishers and you will receive the feedback you want.

AR Books – Augmented Reality

It’s a new way to bring stories to life and make learning easier. Thanks to technologies, the heroes will speak, and the plot will be enriched with additional content, graphics, illustrations and films.

Individual solutions

Content analysis software using AI algorithms. Machine learning solutions tailored to the needs of bookstores, libraries, publishing houses, distributors and database administrators.

  • implementation of R&D projects,
  • research agendas and funding applications,
  • text analysis,
  • data analysis for the book market.

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